You Cannoli Live Once!

you cannoli live once, so you MUST try these!

Cannoli is one of Italy’s most well-known and well-loved pastries! They are tube-like shells traditionally filled with ricotta cheese with the exposed ends sometimes garnished or decorated with chopped pistachios, mini chocolate chips or candied citrus fruits.

Originating in western Sicily, this dessert became a staple during the time of Carnevale. This event was held during springtime, thus with greener pastures, this resulted in the production of more milk from the sheep needed to make ricotta. Eventually, the pastry was consumed all year-round and spread throughout the country. 

Outside of Italy, cannoli is enjoyed throughout many countries such as America and Australia. In America, traditional toppings such as pistachios, shaved almonds and candied fruits have been abandoned in some shops, mainly because Americans don’t like them. Thus, it has led to novel flavours such as Oreo. The process of evolution is also evident in Australia, in particularly Melbourne. For example, on Australia day,Cannoleria (South Melbourne Market) presented us with a vegemite filling whilst Cannoli Bar (Avondale Heights) served lamington flavoured cannoli, going to the extent of coating the outer shell with chocolate and desiccated coconut. This fusion of flavours demonstrates how countries attempt to establish their own national identity. 

Although we are bombarded with many unorthodox flavours, both venues always offer what is called the ‘Traditional Sicilian Cannoli’ (which will always be my favourite and can easily be made at home following this recipe). Therefore, they still promote their traditional Italian roots whilst the introduction of different flavours is used to cater to the westernised palate. 

Cannoleria at South Melbourne Market

Overall, the interpretation of Cannoli outside of Italy supports Ashley Hollow’s idea that cuisine is very receptive to external influences, often manipulated to suit the preferences of consumers. Furthermore, it showcases how the availability of certain ingredients plays a vital role in dictating the cuisine enjoyed by the people from that region. 

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  1. Nadia says:

    Wonderful article about my favourite Sicilian dessert! Thanks for linking to my mother’s authentic recipe!

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